The Heartwarming Journey of Miaplus7 Founders, Ingrid and Steve
Meet Ingrid and Steve, the founders of Miaplus7, whose journey began in 2014 when they embarked on a retirement adventure to Bulgaria, seeking serenity and a chance to give back. Their story took a poignant turn when a stray dog named Mia entered their lives, pregnant and resilient despite the hardships of survival. Mia soon gave birth to four precious puppies, marking the start of their journey with Miaplus5.
Introducing Meow Paws North Macedonia
The streets of Skopje are teeming with stray animals, facing the daily challenges of survival, desperately seeking food and shelter. Iva and Misko have devoted their lives to alleviating the plight of these animals, working tirelessly to feed them twice a day, providing essential medical care, vaccinations, and sterilizations. For the most vulnerable, they offer a temporary home, with the ultimate goal of securing them forever homes across Europe.
Lisanne’s Compassionate Journey: Transforming Lives One Dog at a Time
In the heart of Aydin, Turkey, resides force behind Melez Dog Rescue, a story woven with dedication, empathy, and an unwavering love for animals. Lisanne’s journey spans continents, but her story isn’t just about geographical transitions; it’s a testament to the transformative power of compassion. Hailing from the Netherlands and journeying through England before finding her calling in Turkey, her childhood fascination with caring for animals evolved into an unyielding passion.
The Hoda Effect: Transforming Lives at Heart of Life Rescue
In a land where the cries of animals often fade into the background, there stands Hoda. She is the driving force behind Heart of Life Rescue in Egypt, dedicating her life to rescuing and nurturing abused and neglected animals. For 15 years, Hoda has been a guardian angel for over 500 dogs, offering more than just shelter and sustenance. Her sanctuary is a haven filled with boundless love and healing for these vulnerable creatures.
Meet Louise Hastie
A remarkable individual whose journey epitomises the dedication and selflessness of front-line animal rescue workers.  Her story is a testament to the resilience, sacrifices, and commitment it takes to make a difference in the lives of innocent creatures, especially in the most challenging and perilous situations.
Meet Marija: The Heart and Soul of Pawpers in the Ruff, Macedonia
Affectionately known as “The Boss,” Marija is a remarkable individual who stands out as one in a million. Her heart knows no bounds, and her dedication knows no rest. She is a shining example of compassion and determination in the world of animal rescue. Marija’s journey in rescue began nine years ago, and it’s a journey that has left an indelible mark. Today, she not only embraces the role of a mother to two children but also to four rescue dogs.
From MMA to Boxing: Power Of One Ambassador Jack McGann’s Inspiring Journey
Discover the inspiring journey of Power Of One ambassador Jack McGann, as he shares his remarkable transition from a successful career in MMA to the world of boxing. In this exclusive interview with our founder, Samantha Hutchinson, Jack’s story unfolds, revealing his incredible path to success and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world.
Meet Ivana: A Hero of Compassion from Pawpers in the Ruff, Macedonia
Ivana’s journey into the world of animal rescue began 12 years ago when she welcomed her first two dogs and a cat, all of whom were rescued from challenging situations. Ivana’s dedication to saving animals was sparked when her first rescue pup was tragically hit by a car, resulting in a broken leg. In those challenging times, support was scarce, social media had yet to connect kindred spirits, and her country had only one registered NGO.
A Glimpse into the World of Pawpers in the Ruff, Macedonia
Ivana Miseva, an integral part of the dedicated rescue team at Pawpers in the Ruff in Macedonia, recently shared a powerful video that offers us a window into their world.  It’s a world where many of their rescues take place—the notorious dump.
Meet Bilkes: The Unstoppable Heroine Behind Habiba and Friends Animal Shelter 
In a world where animal welfare is often overlooked, Bilkes stands as a shining example of relentless dedication. She’s the incredible woman behind Habiba and Friends Animal Shelter in Egypt, and her story is nothing short of extraordinary. Founded in 2014, Habiba and Friends is home to 250 dogs, 250 cats, and even 4 monkeys. 

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