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Operation Freedom 2022

Every dog deserves a happy life but what happens when you can’t provide that for them in your care? With your help we can secure a better quality of life for 24 of our shyest dogs who are too traumatised to be placed into homes but for us keeping them confined to a life in kennels isn’t an option. The solution: The freedom shelter. We hope you will agree?
Operation Freedom 2022
100% funded

As a rescuer it’s our dream for the shelter to be just a temporary stop gap for the dogs that come into our care before they move on to their wonderful foster or forever homes but sadly this isn’t the case for a number of them.. 

With love, time and patience, we are able to change the destinies of so many, however, some have been so badly abused and mistreated by humans that they have lost all trust. 

To try and expect them to adjust to home life, in some cases just isn’t fair or safe, on the other hand, a life in an enclosed kennel area also isn’t kind for them.

It’s heartbreaking to see a dog cower when you enter his kennel, to run from you and try to become invisible, to pee themselves when you make a sudden movement. 

For us, putting them through this each day, with little stimulation and very, very small chances of ever successfully integrating them into a home, albeit a miracle with even finding that special home in the first place, makes us ask the question.. is this a life for them or is this just an existence? 

Something that is often the case as it is with all of the dogs that we present to you in this video is although they do not enjoy interacting with people, they do love being with other dogs, this is where their confidence and happiness is found. 

We believe we have found the ideal forever for our 24 special but shy dogs…

In 2019 we moved 25 of our shyest dogs to the freedom shelter in Oradea, Romania.

A huge open shelter set up and created by a British man, who understood the importance of an alternative life for such doggies.

Across acres and acres of rolling countryside lies a secure haven for doggies to live, roam and explore with their needs catered for, sheltered, fed and cared for but without the confined pressures.

It has been a huge success for our original group of dogs and what is amazing is that if we can raise the funds needed of €360 per dog, the 24 very shy dogs that we have at our shelter, would also be able to call this “home”.

All of the dogs are vaccinated, spayed/ neutered and wormers and flea treatments are given in food in pill form for the untouchable dogs, they have workers who stay onsite and supervise.

Upon arrival the doggies go into a very large enclosure and after about a month, once settled the gates are opened for them to choose if they want to venture further afield and integrate with the other doggies already there.

With land, ponds and forests to explore, the idea of kennel free living is such a special and unique set up. We feel so grateful that this option is out there for our dogs.. however to make this happen and to get them there, we need your help in raising the total of €8,640… 

24 dogs lives could be changed very soon, if we can achieve this and make #operationfreedom happen.

We really hope that you will agree that a life behind bars isn’t really a life, some of these dogs have already been in our care for years… we really pray that they won’t have to wait much longer.

Please help us to secure them their safe, happy, freedom 🙏🏼 Thank you 🐾https://sadies-dog-rescue.co.uk/






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