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Jai Dogs Rescue – Unsung Heroes Campaign

Our ultimate goal remains to raise £5,000 to support Neang's mission, ensuring ongoing medical treatment and a consistent supply of quality dog food. Your support matters more than ever.
Jai Dogs Rescue - Unsung Heroes Campaign
50% funded

At The Power of One, we are deeply passionate about amplifying the voices of small charities and teams worldwide dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating neglected, abused, or abandoned dogs. 

One such incredible organization is Jai Dog Rescue Thailand, on a mission to change the lives of street dogs across Thailand since 2017. Through their tireless efforts in sterilization, vaccination, rescue and rehabilitation, community outreach, and rehoming services, they have already made a remarkable difference in the lives of thousands of dogs in need. 

However, the work is far from over.

That’s why we are immensely proud to support the Unsung Heroes campaign by Jai Dog Rescue Thailand.

A Beacon of Hope in Rural Thailand

In rural Thailand, millions of stray dogs roam the streets, relying solely on the kindness and compassion of local feeders and rescuers. One hero among them is Neang, a 67-year-old woman who embarks on an arduous 40km journey every day to feed between 50-120 dogs along the border of Khao Yai National Park. Neang’s unwavering commitment to caring for these street dogs is nothing short of inspiring.

Uniting for Neang’s Cause

At the heart of our mission lies the belief that heroes like Neang deserve recognition for their extraordinary work. 

Neang was relying on her deteriorating bike and caddy to make food drop-offs. Every day, regardless of the weather, she cooks nourishing batches of rice mixed with dog food over a charcoal fire. With unmatched dedication, she loads these supplies onto the back of her bike and embarks on her 40km journey, providing sustenance to the vulnerable street dogs who depend on her for survival.

Neang truly embodies the spirit of a hero.

By joining forces with Jai Dog Rescue, our goal is to raise £5,000 to provide Neang with a new bike and essential supplies. Your generous support will enable her to safely travel her feeding route and ensure regular medical treatment for the dogs in her care. 

Celebrating Success, Continuing the Journey

We are thrilled to share the incredible news that, thanks to your unwavering support and generous donations to the Power of One, Jai Dog Rescue has successfully purchased a brand-new bike for Neang. This milestone ensures her safety during her daily commute, empowering her to continue her selfless efforts in providing for the dogs in her care. 

However, our work is far from complete.

Our ultimate goal remains to raise £5,000 to support Neang’s mission, ensuring ongoing medical treatment and a consistent supply of quality dog food. Your support matters more than ever.

Your Support Matters

By supporting the Unsung Heroes campaign, your generous contributions enable us to provide vital resources such as food, basic medical supplies, and emergency treatment for critical rescue cases. 

Together, we can uplift Neang and countless other unsung heroes, ensuring they have the tools and support necessary to continue their inspiring work.

Join us in unleashing hope for Neang, the street dogs of Thailand, and all the heroes like her who dedicate their lives to their well-being. 

Donate today and be a part of this life-changing journey. 






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