Witness the Impact: Take a Look at the Transformation Underway!

Witness the Impact: Take a Look at the Transformation Underway!

An update from the Animal Protection Foundation in Egypt!

Hanan’s Message

Hanan, who tirelessly runs the shelter, has shared a video update that truly captures the impact of our collective efforts.

Your Generosity in Action

Your generosity from the English Channel Winter Relay Race 2024 has sparked a remarkable change in the lives of over 40 dogs who have faced unimaginable challenges, left paralysed by tragic accidents.

Turning Their Story Around

With broken backs, they’ve been bravely navigating rough grounds, enduring cuts, bruises, and abrasions. But thanks to YOU, we’ve been able to turn their story around.

Providing Comfort and Care

Your donations have empowered us to transform an existing enclosure into a haven of comfort and care, tailored to soothe their bodies.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To every swimmer, donor, and supporter who has lent a helping hand along this journey, your impact is immeasurable. Your kindness has lit up the lives of these resilient creatures, offering them a second chance at happiness and healing.

Together, we’re proving that the Power of One can make a world of difference. We still need more donations to help complete the enclosure. Every donation, no matter its size, will directly benefit Animal Protection Foundation.

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