Update on our fundraising campaign for Tree of Life for Animals (TOLFA)

Update on our fundraising campaign for Tree of Life for Animals (TOLFA)

In the vibrant landscapes of Rajasthan, India, Tree of Life for Animals (TOLFA) care for injured, sick, and vulnerable animals. Since its inception in 2005, TOLFA’s branches have extended life-saving services to over a quarter of a million animals, embodying compassion in action.

Our ongoing fundraising campaign for TOLFA is dedicated to sponsoring five new nurturing staff members who play a pivotal role in caring for the most vulnerable creatures. These individuals, predominantly recruited from low-caste communities with limited employment opportunities, not only provide essential care but also support extended families with their wages.

The addition of nurturing staff is a game-changer in TOLFA’s mission to care for a myriad of animals, from temporarily paralyzed dogs to orphaned puppies, kittens, and those requiring palliative care.

Recently, the Power of One made a significant contribution, donating £2000 towards our £5000 target. This generous support has enabled us to hire two new staff members for the nurturing team.

Mohni and Nirma, both internally recruited from within TOLFA, transitioning from general feeding and cleaning duties. With limited education past the age of seven, these roles signify a new chapter in their careers and a remarkable evolution.

The nurturing staff undergo specialized training encompassing good husbandry, emotional and physical well-being recognition, nutrition, and symptom identification to support the medical team in cases of declining animal health. Their innate nurturing abilities and maternal instincts make them exceptionally skilled in this specialized care.

Your support is the cornerstone of our journey. Whether through sharing stories or contributing to our cause, you empower us to amplify voices, share impactful stories, and raise vital funds for our essential work.

Your engagement matters, and together, we can accomplish so much more. 

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