Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts – The Power of One Launch Night Success!

What an incredible launch night!

A huge thank you to all of our incredible speakers and presenters: Pip Tomson, Danyl Johnson, Greg Ritchie and Dominic Dyer;  our amazing teams who spoke so beautifully and passionately about their causes – Hanan Deebes (Animal Protection Foundation), Laura Myatt (Sadies Stray Rescue), Pamela Lampard (Pawpers in the Ruff), SallyAnne Brennan (Moreni Rescue Dogs), Carol Holbrook (Animal Friends of Turkey) and Kim Cooling (Animal SOS: Sri Lanka); to our incredible entertainers James Collins, Rak-Su, Leona Lewis and David Boakes and to everyone who attended on the night and gave so generously. We’ll be updating you on campaigns from the night but we’re delighted to say that thanks to everyone’s generosity we raised over £40,000 towards our campaigns which is phenomenal and which will go so far to help these teams who live hand to mouth every day, struggling to survive. You have no idea what a difference you have made!

But this is just the beginning…. We have tens of teams all around the world still desperate for your support and you, the Power of One, can make such a difference! Imagine being the one that stops an animal sanctuary from collapsing, imagine being the one that helps an animal walk again, imagine being the one that allows a refugee to be able to take her pets, her life, and not leave them behind… in fact don’t imagine, do it! We know you can because we already have. And it only takes on person to say I’m going to help, I’m going to make a difference. And every time you do we want to make sure the whole world knows you are the Power of One!

We will be bringing you campaigns from teams all over the world desperate for your help and every penny you donate will go straight to these teams. Also please don’t forget our dogs available for rehoming on our website, these are the guys that are looked over and destined to spend their life in kennels unless someone gives them a chance. Can you be that Power of One?

Please join us on this journey… something big is happening and the support we have received is incredible. Because the bottom line is these guys need your help and donating is the easy bit. What they do is struggle every day to survive, protect their animals and raise tiny amounts. We’ve got a ton of stuff in store for you over the next days!

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