Samantha Hutchinson’s Inspiring Interview with What Does the Giraffe Say Media

Samantha Hutchinson's Inspiring Interview with What Does the Giraffe Say Media

Our founder, Samantha Hutchinson, recently participated in a live interview with Kathleen Retourné from What Does the Giraffe Say Media, a dynamic platform dedicated to showcasing the remarkable work of conservationists and animal welfare advocates.

What Does the Giraffe Say Media stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of conservation and animal welfare advocacy. Through their engaging live interviews, this platform offers a stage for passionate individuals like Samantha Hutchinson to share their journeys, insights, and the profound impact they are making on our planet.

The interview served as a unique opportunity for viewers to connect with two incredible advocates for animals. It allowed them to learn from the rich experiences of Samantha Hutchinson and Kathleen Retourné and engage in meaningful conversations about the founding journey of Power of One.

We invite you to watch this inspiring interview, where Samantha Hutchinson and Kathleen Retourné delve into the founding of Power of One, the challenges we’ve encountered, and the remarkable successes we’ve achieved along the way.

By tuning in, you will gain valuable insights into our mission to support women in animal welfare communities and to be a leading force in animal welfare advocacy.

Together, we truly have the power to make a difference—one animal, one voice, one world at a time.

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