Power of One’s Impact with Paws2Rescue


Founded in 2013, Paws2Rescue is a UK registered charity dedicated to relieving the suffering of animals, with a particular focus on dogs in Romania.

One of the critical challenges faced by Paws2Rescue’s medical center was the absence of a gas anesthesia unit, essential for addressing urgent, life-or-death cases. Joseph’s story, a vulnerable animal in imminent danger without proper anesthesia support, highlighted the urgent need for this equipment.

Weekly encounters with animals in critical condition underscored the necessity of a gas anesthesia unit. The recent event spurred the Power of One community to action, resulting in a generous £4000 donation to Paws2Rescue.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, Paws2Rescue has acquired a gas anesthesia machine, revolutionizing their ability to deliver care and saving countless lives.

The benefits of this donation are immense:

✨ Complex Examinations and Treatments: The gas anesthesia unit enables the medical team to conduct complex examinations and administer treatments for difficult cases.

✨ Surgical Interventions on Higher-Risk Patients: Higher-risk patients can now undergo surgical procedures with increased safety and precision.

✨ Consultation and Treatment of Small Animals, Especially Wildlife: The medical team can now consult and treat small animals, including wildlife, with greater ease and effectiveness.

Your support has made a significant impact on the lives of animals in need. The team at Paws2Rescue is excited about the possibilities that the new anesthesia machine brings, reinforcing their commitment to leaving lasting footprints for the future of all animals.

Together, we are making a difference.

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