Power of One Proudly Supports InterNICHE in Advancing Humane Education

Power of One Proudly Supports InterNICHE in Advancing Humane Education

Power of One is excited to announce our proud partnership with InterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education!

Since its inception in 1988, InterNICHE has been a driving force in the movement to eliminate animal experiments and promote fully humane education. With a primary focus on medical, veterinary, and biology education at the university level, InterNICHE has left an indelible mark on countless lives of animals worldwide.

InterNICHE tirelessly champions its cause through international campaigns, global outreach, and impactful partnerships, working to bring about change and provide invaluable resources. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have influenced national laws and instigated transformative shifts in educational practices.

From grassroots advocacy for animal rights to achieving nationwide change in countries like Brazil and Ukraine, the impact of InterNICHE is truly remarkable.

At Power of One, we understand the critical importance of fully humane education and the significant role it plays in shaping a compassionate and sustainable future. By aligning ourselves with InterNICHE, we unite our efforts to amplify their mission and drive enduring change in medical, veterinary, and biology education.

We call upon our incredible community to follow InterNICHE closely and stand behind their vital work. 


Together, we have the power to make a difference, ensuring that animals are no longer subjected to unnecessary harm in the name of education.

Let’s unite for a world where humane education becomes the norm, and animals are respected, protected, and celebrated.

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