Join the Power of One and Transform Your Shopping Into Positive Change! 

Join the Power of One and Transform Your Shopping Into Positive Change!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: The Power of One is now registered with easyfundraising!

With easyfundraising, you hold the power to make a real impact without spending an extra penny. Our partnership is a pivotal move towards forging a significant impact – and we can’t do it without your support.

In the heart of the animal welfare community, we find remarkable women.

At Power of One, we stand with them, providing funding, education, and a network of support, for they risk their all in the pursuit of a better world for animals and communities.

Animal welfare disproportionately affects women, who tirelessly work to reduce disease, rescue animals, and educate their communities. Yet, their efforts often rely on public donations, and many risk their livelihoods and lives.

Their selfless dedication often comes with significant challenges and personal sacrifices.

Our Clear Mission: We’re determined to change the narrative and ensure that these heroes receive the acknowledgment, respect, and resources they need to continue their vital work. By partnering with easyfundraising, we’re taking a crucial step towards making a significant impact.


How You Can Make a Difference: 

Every donation we receive brings us closer to supporting these essential efforts. 

It’s 100% FREE for you, and you won’t pay a penny extra for doing good.


How It Works:

🛍️ Shop with over 7,500 partner brands.

🤝 They donate a portion of what you spend to a cause of your choice.

🛒 No extra cost to you – the brand covers the donation.

easyfundraising transforms your shopping into a force for good. 👀


Benefits of Joining:

🌈 Most brands donate a percentage of your spending.

💰 Some offer flat donations, ensuring your impact is felt.

💼 easyfundraising partner with over 8,100 brands.

👏 Brands donate because they appreciate your support.

💸 easyfundraising turns commissions into donations for your chosen cause.

Join The Power of One on easyfundraising today and be a part of the change!


Ready to Make a Difference? 

Sign Up Now:

Let’s make every shopping trip count and support those who tirelessly work to make the world a better place for animals and communities.

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