Elaine Patchett’s Generous Donation to Power of One


A Heartfelt Thank You to Elaine Patchett.

We are deeply moved and immensely grateful to Elaine Patchett for her incredibly generous donation to Power of One.

Elaine’s thoughtful gesture of leaving a donation in her will not only touches our hearts but also inspires us to strive for even greater impact in the world of animal welfare.

Talking about wills can be a sensitive subject, but it’s an important one not to put off. Elaine’s decision to include Power of One in her will demonstrates the profound impact that planning for the future can have on causes close to our hearts.

Elaine’s belief in our mission fuels our determination to do more, to reach further, and to make a lasting difference in the lives of animals in need.

Her kindness and generosity remind us of the power of one person to create meaningful change in the world.

Thank you, Elaine, for your extraordinary generosity

Elaine Patchett

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