Celebrating Emma Williams: A Hero in Our Community!

Celebrating Emma Williams: A Hero in Our Community!

We’re immensely proud to shine a light on Emma Williams, a true hero in our community!

From Sandwich Shop Owner to Animal Advocate

Emma, a former sandwich shop owner, has taken her passion for helping others to new heights with the launch of Full Tummies, a Community Interest Company dedicated to ensuring no pet goes hungry in the face of the cost-of-living crisis.

Touching Lives Far and Wide

From Romania to Ukraine, and all corners of England, Scotland, and Wales, Emma’s efforts have touched the lives of countless animals and their owners. But her work is far from over.

Answering the Call

After the overwhelming success of her Christmas pet food drive, Emma saw firsthand the pressing need to support pet owners, shelters, and charities struggling to provide for their beloved animals.

Making a Difference Together

With the support of generous donors, she collected hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of items, benefitting 20 charities across the UK and beyond.

Ensuring No Pet Goes Hungry: Full Tummies’ Mission

“People still can’t afford to keep their animals,” Emma explains, “so they are giving them up, and the rescues are overflowing. They are not getting donations, so they can’t feed their animals, and more people are going to food banks for animal food because they haven’t got the money either.”

That’s where Full Tummies steps in. As a not-for-profit organization, they purchase and distribute food directly to underprivileged dogs and cats, ensuring they never go hungry.

Join Us in Supporting Full Tummies’ Mission

They can’t do it alone.

Full Tummies relies on the generosity of the community and businesses to continue their vital mission.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We would like to thank Emma for the mention in the Farnham Herald.

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