Celebrating Another £1000 Donation to Jai Dog Rescue!

Celebrating Another £1000 Donation to Jai Dog Rescue!

This month, we’re excited to share that we’ve extended our support to Jai Dog Rescue with an additional £1000 donation, bringing our total contribution to £2200!

Last June, together, we achieved a significant milestone by providing funds for Jai Dog Rescue to purchase a new bike for Neang, an unsung hero who travels 40 km daily to feed and care for street dogs along the border of Khao Yai National Park. Your contributions also kickstarted crucial sterilization and vaccination efforts for these vulnerable dogs.

Thanks to your support, the impact so far has provided Neang with a reliable means of transportation to continue her rescue routes.

Our Mission Continues…

While we celebrate these achievements, our ultimate goal remains to raise £5000 to provide sustained support for Neang. In rural Thailand, millions of stray dogs depend on heroes like Neang for survival.

Donate today to help us reach our £5000 target.

Your generosity has already made a significant difference, and together, we can achieve even more!

Every penny donated will go directly to Jai Dogs to support Neang.

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