The wait is finally over – Animal Friends of Turkey van launch Is Finally Here.

“The long long wait is over and now it is finally here – the AFOT van. It has been a labour of love over the dark winter months but the hours of work, sweat and toil have been worth it. Issues around transport have held us back over the past year to 18 months, and the cost of commercial pet transport has gone through the roof. These factors and changing rules meant that unless we managed to get our own transport we would not have been able to continue our work. However, thanks to the wonderful generosity of our patron [Samantha Hutchinson] and the amazing donations from our special supporters – you know who you are 😃 – we were able to purchase a second hand minibus last year.That was just the beginning and we were blessed to get the help, support and guidance of Andreas Bonney to lead the work on the conversion of the bus into a pet transport van. Andreas runs his own campervan business in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. And there is very much a feel of glamping in the comfort and finish built in for both dog and human (well mainly dog 😂) We will never be able to thank him enough.Thanks also to Kayleigh Cardwell who worked with us on the signage design.So take a look at the guided tour of the new AFOT bus in this video below.Next stop – Turkey and our Trustee [Andy Gough]) and Andreas will be getting behind the wheel this weekend to drive it across Europe for delivery to our team in Turkey.These are exciting times – onwards and upwards as ever.” Andy Gough – Animal Friends of Turkey

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