A Historic Shift: South Korea’s Push to End the Dog Meat Trade

A Historic Shift: South Korea's Push to End the Dog Meat Trade

South Korea stands on the brink of a monumental change—one that could potentially save the lives of over a million innocent dogs every year. The government’s announcement of a bill to ban the dog meat industry nationwide by year’s end presents an unprecedented chance to combat cruelty and bring about real change.

Imagine a future where these beautiful creatures no longer endure lives of filth and pain. A future where the cruel practices of hanging and electrocution are replaced by compassion and respect for life.

Boknal, also known as the “dog days of summer,” revolves around three specific days—Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok—considered the hottest in the lunar calendar. 

Traditionally, consuming dog meat during Boknal, notably in dishes like boshintang (dog meat soup), was believed to cool the body and enhance stamina. However, this belief is increasingly contested within South Korea itself.

Now is the time for action. Your signature matters—it’s a vote against cruelty and a step towards a more humane world. This isn’t just about enacting laws; it’s about putting an end to excruciating suffering. Boknal shouldn’t be synonymous with horror for these animals; it’s time to close the door on this gruesome tradition.

South Korea has the opportunity to showcase its true colors—a nation of compassion and empathy. Signing the petition urging the South Korean General Assembly and President Yoon Suk Yeol to take this crucial step toward ending the dog and cat meat trade is vital.

Your signature is your voice. Make it heard. Join us in urging South Korea to embrace compassion and empathy by signing the petition and contributing to the global movement toward a more compassionate world for all beings.

Please click to sign the petition

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