Nelly is one of nine dogs rescued from certain death at a filthy disease ridden Turkish death camp where they had no food, water or medical care. 

So very ill, Nelly had a huge protruding vaginal tumour, blood parasites and severe scabies. She had hardly a hair left on her body and was totally emaciated. A vaginal tumour is the result of many dogs mounting her as an un-neutered female. 

For three weeks she was so poorly she didn’t move out of her basket and wasn’t strong enough to undergo the vital chemotheraphy treatment she so badly needed to survive. But have it she must and as she began to decline, we could no  longer wait. 

It shows just how determined to live Nelly was because she did survive and as she went through her fortnightly sessions of chemo the tumour started to shrink, her beautiful thick white coat started to grow back and she started to eat well. She had five sessions of the special chemotheraphy that is used to cure this type of cancer and is now cancer free. 

That was in October 2021 she still doesn’t move out of her basket – her safe place. She will toilet next to her basket and eat when no one is looking. She has a good appetite and likes to listen and watch and follow you with her stunning grey/green eyes but she isn’t interested in anything more, although seems to like to be stroked. When she goes in the car to the vets she will sit up and look about and show interest and the vets have confirmed there is nothing physically wrong with her. 

Nelly needs one to one special attention and tender loving care in a home with people who will have the patience to bring her out of her solitude. This may take some time and be an ongoing commitment so it will take someone very special, but we know there is someone out there waiting especially for Nelly – is it you?

If you feel you can give Nelly the care she needs please visit our website and apply: