⚠️ Upsetting images ⚠️

I hear every word they say. Today I heard them talking; they said that nobody had come forward to offer me a home. I pretended that I wasn’t listening. When they put me back in my kennel I curled up in my bed, I’ve been thinking about it since.

Why aren’t I one of the lucky dogs boarding the happy bus? I understand we can’t meet but what is it about my looks that puts people off?

Is it because I only have 3 legs or is it because I’m plain brown in colour? 

Is it because I’m not small? Please know, I’m a good boy.. I’m only 3 years old, I would love to share my life with you, I would love to make you proud.

I’m told I’ve been so brave, they said I remained so polite even through the most excruciating pain. I was hit by a car, my bones were left exposed, people took pictures of me but nobody helped me, my rescuers weren’t alerted to me until months later, by this time my leg had healed very badly and it couldn’t be saved.

I always have a smile on my face and I wag my tail with all my might because I love people and I get so excited when I see them.

My rescuers have done so much for me… they’ve always been so kind, we have a great friendship and for that I’m thankful for but I really really want to know what “home” is like?

Please could somebody show me? My name is Deefer and I really, really want to go home 🙏🏼